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Advanced Physical Therapy Management of Individuals with Huntington’s Disease

presented by Anne Kloos

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Huntington’s disease is a genetic disorder resulting in complex issues impacting health, function, and participation. Therapists must be equipped to provide care in an ever-changing health care environment. This course provides the therapist advanced knowledge in management of the client with Huntington’s disease across all stages of the disease and incorporating current health care finance and policy challenges. Information is presented using a case study example interwoven with evidence-based information. On completion of this course, the therapist will be able to use evidence-based intervention techniques for the management of clients with Huntington’s disease across the full spectrum of the disease.

Meet Your Instructor

Anne Kloos, PT, PhD, NCS

Anne Kloos, PT, PhD, NCS received her physical therapy degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her master's and doctoral degrees in biology/neuroscience from Cleveland State University. Dr. Kloos is currently a Professor-Clinical in the Physical Therapy Division at the Ohio State University, where she teaches adult neurorehabilitation and neuroscience courses and conducts research on…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Physical Therapy Treatment Across Disease Stages

In this chapter, the clinician is presented with advanced concepts regarding physical therapy management of the client with Huntington’s disease across the course of the disease. Newest evidence related to exercise, motor learning, cueing, use of an external focus, and dual-task training is covered.

2. Case Study: Interventions Throughout Disease Stages

In this chapter, the clinician applies advanced concepts and knowledge of evidence-based interventions to the physical therapy management of a client with HD presented in a case study. The rationale for the selection and modification of interventions for the client across all disease stages will be discussed.

3. Providing PT Across the Course of the Disease: Reimbursement Issues

In this chapter, a model for care across the life span incorporating rehabilitation and skilled maintenance therapy is presented. Reimbursement issues related to provision of skilled maintenance therapy are also presented.