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The Quality Measures for LTC/SNF

presented by Jane Snecinski

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Video Runtime: 47 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 24 Minutes

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have developed and required specific quality measures for each level of care, including long-term care/skilled nursing facilities. These quality measures provide a framework for care and prepare organizations for moving to a value-based payment system. Understanding the measures, how to quantify them, and the value of using the data from the measures is critical for all long-term care providers.

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Jane Snecinski, FACHE, MBA

Ms. Snecinski has bachelor's and master's degrees in music and an MBA in health care administration from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. She has had seventeen years of hospital administration and management experience and more than seventeen years of consulting experience in post-acute levels of care, including inpatient and outpatient therapy, sports medicine,…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Quality Measures in LTC/SNF: How We Got Here

Since the initiation of Skilled Nursing Care as we know it, quality measures have been in place. As LTC/SNF changed to meet the changing delivery of care, specific measures have been defined for LTC/SNF for the purposes of measuring quality, public reporting, and preparation for pay for performance. Understanding the evolution of quality measures is important as it provides the basis for meaningful measures and pay for performance. This chapter will help staff members understand this evolution and their role in meeting the quality measures, which is vital to the ongoing viability of the organization.

2. The SNF Quality Reporting Program (QRP)

The evolution of quality measures in SNF has resulted in the development of a quality reporting program. Based on the development of reporting measures since the inception of SNF, the most recent measures focus on quality and outcomes. This change serves as the basis for a pay for performance reimbursement system in the (near) future. This chapter focuses on the shift from data that reports facts to demonstrating quality of care.

3. Meaningful Measure Initiative for SNFs

A new quality measurement initiative, the Meaningful Measures, was announced in October 2017 and includes data collected across the Post Acute Continuum of Care – of which SNF is an integral part. The Meaningful Measures Initiative will result in data collected in multiple levels of care related to six parameters that will significantly change the approach to and utilization of quality measure information. This chapter provides introductory knowledge of the initiative necessary to plan for implementation to maximize outcomes of care.

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